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Bloxx takes the pulse of education IT security

Bloxx and Independent Education Today are partnering to take the pulse of the education sector on the topic of IT and security.

Posted by Hannah Oakman | October 02, 2015 | Technology

We would really appreciate just five minutes of your time to answer our survey, helping us to gain useful insights into how the sector is operating within today’s complex IT environment of threat prevention, compliance and oversight.

The survey focuses on three key areas of interest:
·       Use of cloud technology
·       Social media and BYOD policies
·       Compliance and duty of care

The use of online technology has become a cornerstone of modern teaching, rapidly advancing in its use year-on-year. While the benefits are significant, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Educational institutions often find themselves grappling with issues from how to manage the use of personal devices within lessons, especially as wearables move from pipe dream to reality, through to integrating new guidelines, such as the prevent duty on monitoring the use of social media for online radicalisation.

Insights into how your institutions are managing acceptable use policies and the extent to which technology is controlled will provide an interesting overview of IT security in the education sector.

Lynsey Jenkins, Head of Marketing at Bloxx says: “The physical safety of children and young people has long been a chief societal concern, but it is now evident that digital risks also exist and must be thoughtfully countered. This is especially paramount in the education sector.

“Our previous studies have shown how some organisations are proactively implementing new measures, such as policies regarding use of social media and personal electronics, along with real time filtering for all devices on the network system, including students’ mobile technologies. Increasing familiarity with social media and awareness of risks also has been made a priority for staff and students at many institutions.

“We’re excited to see the findings from this year’s study to see how institutions’ security policies have evolved and in particular to see how the sector is responding to new technologies and new guidelines, such as the UK government’s prevent duty.”

Hannah Oakman, Managing Editor at, reinforced this point, stating: “We are delighted to partner with Bloxx on this latest survey into the key trends in digital use and security in educational technology. From issues such as BYOD, wearable technology and the unstoppable rise of social media, through to the prevent duty regarding radicalisation and cyber bullying, these are all vital areas to question and learn from for the future.”

Through this survey, Bloxx aims to uncover the trends developing over the last year within education technology security, highlighting the areas that establishments must focus on and those that they seem to have under control.

You can answer the five-minute survey here. We’d really appreciate your input!

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