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MSC's lessons a great catch for schools

Primary schools get sustainability lessons from Marine Stewardship Council's Fish and Kids programe

Posted by Stephanie Broad | January 02, 2016 | Sustainability

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) recently toured certified primary schools to deliver their Fish and Kids programme of educational resources. The programme allows schools to deliver engaging assemblies, fun activities and lessons to pupils about sustainable seafood and protecting our oceans.

It is celebrating and rewarding the MSC certified schools that are serving certified sustainable seafood by making the link between the dining hall and the classroom and educating the next generation about the importance of sustainable fishing and protecting the world’s oceans.

Stefanie Siebels, Education Officer at the MSC, explained: “The MSC’s mission is to make sure we have fish for future generations. As part of that work, we’re teaching the next generation to be good custodians of the planet they will inherit. By teaching them about sustainable fishing and how to protect the oceans, even when they are eating their lunch or helping their parents to choose fish fingers, we can make sure that the oceans are in good hands for the future.” 

Learning about sustainable fishing at Primrose Hill Primary

Over 3,000 MSC certified primary schools across the UK have received mail from the Marine Stewardship Council. The MSC has sent out engagement packs for teachers asking them to celebrate their school’s achievement (being certified for serving MSC certified sustainable fish in their school lunches) by conducting a lesson on sustainable fishing and marine conservation. 

The tour included a total of 13 primary schools covering London, the south, southeast, southwest of England and Wales. The visits included special classes about sustainable fishing in the morning and a sustainable fish lunch. 

Sustainable lunch at Primrose Hill Primary

Primary schools in Devon have a very close link to the sea and the fishing industry so the MSC visits tied in well with the schools’ own projects and lessons on fishing and marine conservation. The Fish & Kids tour included Preston Primary School, where they had a different approach to teaching seafood sustainability. Twelve children (from years two to five), were selected to be “The Guardians”, and learnt about ocean sustainability, being responsible citizens and understanding the wider impacts of our consumer choices.  

Scott Ord, head teacher Preston Primary, saw the MSC event as being an important part of their education. “At Preston Primary School, our vision is to evolve into an outstanding coastal school, known for an innovative curriculum that delivers excellent outcomes for children.,” he said. “Children in Devon must learn about life in Devon. Working with the Marine Stewardship Council is a key element in that local innovative curriculum. It also links with our school value of responsibility.”

Paul Adams, Head Teacher at Furzeham Primary School was also very impressed with how engaged the pupils were by the Fish and Kids event: “The MSC assembly helped the children understand how we can preserve our ocean for future generations and why this is so important. They were all particularly interested in the dangers that ocean wildlife faces and what we can do to protect our oceans and support sustainable fishing. 

“Overall the Fish and Kids team provided a great experience for the children, one which they have learnt so much from and can go on to use this information to become ocean heroes!”

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