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Ronan Harte

Out of the lab and onto the plate

Holroyd Howe joins forces with the Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour (IFBB) to deliver greater insight into nutrition

Posted by Stephanie Broad | December 04, 2015 | Catering & hospitality

Food service provider Holroyd Howe has announced its collaboration with The Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour (IFBB). The IFBB is a charity that exists to improve the lives of individuals and communities by conducting research into the link between; nutrition, behaviour and brain development, whilst promoting public understanding and working to effect policy change.  

Holroyd Howe began the partnership with the Institute in September 2015, exploring how scientific research could be translated into nutritional changes in school meals that could positively affect behaviour and health.  The relationship has been forged by Managing Director Ronan Harte and Operations Director Matthew Went. As part of their business vision they recognised how they might draw on the Institute’s scientific expertise and take the science out of the laboratory and into a practical and beneficial environment within the schools they serve.

The Holroyd Howe operations team will be drawing on the research and working with scientists supervised by the Chair of the IFBB Science Advisory Council, Professor John Stein.  Amongst the IFBB advisory panel is renowned Chef and Presenter Rick Stein.  The Institute’s Patron is Prue Leith.

Holroyd Howe believe this work is of paramount importance in bringing a more intelligent and informed approach to nutrition and food education. Holroyd Howe currently supports over 125 independent schools and colleges in the UK and serves over 12 million meals each year. The outcome of this research and advice will be used to impact the health and wellbeing and maximise academic performance of children aged between three and 18 years old. It is central to Holroyd Howe’s approach to engaging and educating children in a fun way through exploration of fresh natural foods via tasting tables, live chef demonstrations and the opportunity to get hands on cooking experiences. 

Managing Director Ronan Harte comments: “We are very excited about our collaboration with the Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour and this will further cement our commitment to supporting the schools in maximising the health, academic and sporting performance and potential of every child. Nutrition and health through a well balanced diet continues to be at the heart of what we do at Holroyd Howe and this relationship will only ensure that we strengthen this key ingredient”. 

The IFBB is equally enthusiastic about the new partnership, Chief Executive, Dr Richard Marsh says: “Our relationship with Holroyd Howe gives us the opportunity to see how nearly 100 years of scientific research into the relationship between nutrition and neuroscience can be put into practice.  We will be drawing on the results of this partnership in other strands of our work looking to offer policy solutions to pressing problems that will be robust and effective.”     

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