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Preparing for the September intake - webinar

Our forthcoming webinar will look at auto-provisioning and identity management for education

Posted by Ed Brown | July 03, 2017 | Teaching

As we enter the final weeks of the summer term, many teachers, support staff and student's thoughts start to turn towards their holidays; long relaxing days away from the daily grind. No such luck for thousands of IT professionals across all sectors of education tasked with the less enviable task of preparing IT networks for the September intake. 

If you’re one of these people you’ll know that you are faced with the increasingly complex and resource-sapping task of creating and managing user accounts. The explosion of online resources, requiring user accounts creating for each and every user, have made the job even more formidable.

And there is not only the account set-up to consider, but the ongoing maintenance such as dealing with leavers or changes of details throughout all year groups.

This means that whilst auto-provisioning was a ‘nice to have’ in the days when each user only needed a single network account, the growth of online resources has led to it being essential for many schools, colleges and universities.

So, with September looming, how can you decrease your workload, get to grips with the technical complexities, and generally reduce the stress that this annual event brings?

We’ve teamed-up with the education technology specialists CSE who have developed an innovative solution to this annual headache. Their Magellan platform uses unique technologies to create a link with your MIS and generate a mass deployment of user accounts across many platforms, including Active Directory, Office 365 and SQL databases.

Once accounts are created, Magellan also keeps them synchronised, so any updates made to the MIS will be reflected everywhere. In addition it enables users to single-sign-on to almost any resource, reducing the wasted time associated with remembering and resetting passwords.

Some questions the webinar will answer:

•     What are the challenges faced when preparing for the new intake? 

•     What is Auto-provisioning?

•     What is Identity Management?

•     What are the technical challenges of auto-provisioning?

•     What do we mean by ‘True’ single-sign-on and how can you enable SSO to any resource?

•     How can you manage user groups?

•     How can you provision timetables from your MIS into outlook calendars ready for students and staff when they return?

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask our experts your own questions.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 13 July at 4pm. Sign-up today and put it in your calendar – a stress free summer could be your reward! 

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