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Taking water more seriously

The great water bottle debate of plastic vs glass - Vivreau's reusable glass bottles make taking sides a no-brainer

Posted by Hannah Oakman | June 16, 2016 | Teaching

The term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) has been around for several decades but can mean different things to different businesses. It’s not just about charitable work, and it’s not about short-term returns. The smart business has figured out that being properly responsible can reap long-term rewards and improve profitability.

For an educational establishment seriously wishing to be considered ‘responsible’ it would need to employ long term sustainable plans which create economic, environmental and social value. Water should be an important consideration in these plans, in particular the way that drinking water is made available. 

Many, if not most, UK universities now provide conference facilities and catering for meetings, and include drinking water. The great water bottle debate has raged for many years in terms of plastic vs glass and the evidence is clear; for venues wishing to reduce waste and decrease carbon footprint as part of a CSR plan, offering reusable glass bottles in meetings instead of disposable glass/plastic bottles is a no-brainer. 

Vivreau, a global leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water systems, specialises in the highest quality drinking water products and consistently excellent service. As pioneers of the Table Water Bottling System, Vivreau’s key products also include the Vi tap, Vi tap Plus, DDA Module and Designer Glass Bottles.

cUStomised meetings, events and accommodation at the University of Sheffield teamed up with Vivreau to bring environmentally friendly water to guests attending conferences, meetings and events in their conferencewithUS venues. They previously used bottled water, but wanted to find a green alternative to help minimise their impact on the environment and reduce waste.

When cUStomised began looking at different options for supplying water to its conference delegates, it contacted Vivreau who gave a comprehensive demonstration of their in-house water bottling system and carried out a survey to ensure that the system was suitable for ACS. ACS has a diverse portfolio of venues and the water system needed to be able to fill a large number of bottles in a short space of time. Vivreau’s V3-101 offered the perfect solution as it can filter 108 of the 750ml bottles of water in just 30 minutes.

For venues wishing to reduce waste and decrease carbon footprint as part of a CSR plan, offering reusable glass bottles in meetings instead of disposable glass/plastic bottles is a no-brainer

Leeds Metropolitan University also partnered with Vivreau to help to improve its sustainable credentials. The University is one of the most popular higher education destinations in the country with over 27,000 students based across both the City Centre and Headingley Campus.

It is not only those wishing to study that the University targets to consume their first class facilities; thanks to a range of premier conferencing and event venues, both local and national businesses are widely encouraged to benefit from the amenities on offer.

All the conference and events fall under ‘Well Met Conferencing’, the award-winning conference and events service at Leeds Metropolitan University. With the job of ensuring that the high standards of the venues are matched by the equipment within, Conference Manager, Jeremy Bradshaw has to constantly evaluate the offering to ensure it matches the high standards expected by the delegates: “As a Meetings Industry Association Member, we were working hard to be the first university in the country to be awarded gold status, and whilst there were many aspects required to make this happen, part of the accreditation related specifically to the sustainability of the site.”

Jeremy set about investigating alternative options to the plastic water bottles already in use and was introduced to the Vivreau Table Water Bottling System and reusable Designer glass bottles. For Jeremy, the choice became an easy one: “We get thousands of delegates through our doors every year and the one thing that we want them to go away with is the quality that they have just experienced. The branded bottles are a constant reminder of where they have been and who has looked after their every need throughout the day. The Vivreau Table Water Bottling System has transformed the way we use water within the University. It is very simple to use, produces deliciously fresh, chilled still and sparkling water, and the bottles look fantastic within the conferencing areas of the University.”

Water at your fingertips – Introducing the Vi tap


For educational establishments looking at their access to drinking water for students, or in staff break rooms, Vivreau’s Vi tap provides an attractive and easy to use solution.

The Vi tap dispenses mains-fed purified chilled still and sparkling water, and the option for instant boiling hot water, from one single tap with a touch sensor control and zero splash. 

Incorporating high performance ice bank refrigeration, the Vi tap is capable of delivering high quantities of chilled water per hour – ideal for hydrating large numbers of students every day. The high spec boiler can also produce up to four cups of water per minute at over 95 degrees, the perfect temperature for tea – perfect for the staff room. There is even an intelligent safety feature on the Vi tap which prevents boiling water from being dispensed by accident. 

The Vi tap is also hygienic, promoting a healthier workplace. Hygiene has been at the heart of each stage of the design process, from the dirt free touch pad, purposefully shallow drip tray (because your drinking water dispenser is not a sink) and the ability to fill water bottles without nozzle contact (no more bottle germs), to the removable dispense nozzle for cleaning.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director of Vivreau is extremely proud of the award winning Vi tap: “The Vi tap not only looks fantastic, but boasts a perfect flow of water with zero splash. It incorporates a power-saving option to reduce electricity consumption and obviously because it filters and purifies at source, it reduces carbon footprint significantly, in comparison to buying in pre-bottled water.”

DDA module

Vivreau’s DDA Module complements the Vi tap and was designed to offer access to the drinking water provision primarily from, but not limited to, a wheelchair location.

The module is installed remotely from the Vi tap system and mounted at the most convenient position for use, to enable the user to safely access drinking water without having to reach over the appliance or boiling water dispense point. It can be mounted on a wall or the front of or underneath the worktop – the position of the module can be decided following a thorough feasibility study undertaken by the site manager before installation.

Once installed, students and teachers will be able to place their glass, cup or mug on the drip tray before selecting their dispense option from the DDA Module. The still or sparkling, boiling or chilled water will then pour until the button is released.

Installing the DDA Module alongside Vivreau’s Vi tap or Vi tap Plus will position the educational establishment as not only DDA aware but also supportive of the needs of disabled users. 

For more information please visit Vivreau's website

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