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What we do

OKI is a global B2B printer manufacturer dedicated to creating cost effective, professional in-house printing solutions. Building on the strength and flexibility of OKI LED technology, our portfolio of award winning printers, solutions and managed print services enable organisations of all sizes to reduce costs and their impact on the environment.

About us

According to recent research carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (cebr), the education sector has the potential to save up to £245 million per annum by printing more effectively. That's the equivalent of a new school uniform for 6 million children or employing 9,800 new graduate teachers for a year at an average starting salary of £25,000 - that's enough to fill all existing teacher vacancies nearly four times over!* At OKI, we can help you claim your share of this potential saving through our range of colour and mono printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) and solutions.

Everyone benefits from the high-speed, high-quality colour and mono output of OKI printers and multifunction printers. Professional handouts, course notes, course work and much more can be printed easily and confidently within minutes.

But that's not all; ease of use and flexible print media capabilities can also empower everyone to take control of their printing needs by bringing more of the traditionally out-sourced printing needs back in-house - reducing waste, saving money and reducing the impact on the environment. And producing professional-looking documents in-house is easy with our FREE Template Manager design and print software.

All this functionality and the added confidence provided by OKI's Secure Print function, means you can have all your printing needs at your fingertips - without the worry that sensitive documents like exam papers or reports can get into the wrong hands.

Choosing OKI printers and multifunction products can help you reduce your carbon footprint as well as your printing costs. Our energy efficient and economical products can help you save money and reduce waste in many ways.


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