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10AM - 3.30PM [London GMT]




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Jo Golding


Independent Education


Anna Britten

Managing Editor


Genna Ash


Education Technology

James Higgins




Jo Anderson

Principal, Bury Grammar Schools

Tom Arbuthnott

Deputy head (partnerships), Eton College

Mark Beach

Headmaster, Sherborne House School

Nick Dennis

Director of studies,
St Francis' College

Mike Glanville

Director of safeguarding services for One Team Logic

Nina Gunson

Head, Sheffield High 
School for Girls

Sally-Anne Huang

High master, St Paul's School

Irfan Latif

Principal, DLD College London

Barnaby Lenon

Chairman, Independent Schools Council

Adam Lubbock

Director of Kings River Education

Nicki Mattin

Spires Academy

Ben McCarey

Holyport College

Jan Pickles, OBE

Safeguarding consultant

Luke Ramsden

DSL and deputy headteacher, St Benedict's School

Millan Sachania

Headmaster, Streatham & Clapham High School

Amanda Ursell

Consultant nutritionist, CH&CO Independent

Edward Valletta

Bursar and clerk to the governors, Kimbolton School

Leo Winkley

Headmaster, Shrewsbury School


10am - 11am

Headteachers' Question Time

A topical debate with independent school heads. We will address strategies for potential future lockdowns, remote learning solutions, what assessment should look like today, the biggest challenges ahead and more. With live questions from viewers.

Panel speakers:
Nina Gunson, head, Sheffield High School for Girls
Millan Sachania, headmaster, Streatham & Clapham High School
Mark Beach, headmaster, Sherborne House School

Jo Anderson, principal, Bury Grammar Schools

11am - 11.30am

History education and diversity in schools

Interview: Nick Dennis

We talk to Nick Dennis about the impact of the pandemic on the curriculum and his role as director of studies, how history education is changing, and practical steps to improve the recruitment and development of staff to increase ethnic and gender diversity.

Nick Dennis is currently director of studies at St. Francis’ College, Letchworth and also a fellow of the Schools History Project, the UK’s premier historical education think tank. He has presented a series of historical documentary programmes for the World History Project, where he also sits on the advisory board. Nick is a member of the GSA’s Inclusion Committee in addition to being part of the National Governance Association’s diversity and inclusion advisory group. Alongside teaching, Nick has worked with a variety of organisations such as EuroClio, Europeana and Apple. Nick has published articles on history education, diversity, educational research and the use of technology to enhance learning.

11.45am - 12.30pm

Nutrition and Wellbeing: 
New Solutions for Schools

Sponsored by education caterers CH&CO, this discussion will be led by nutrition experts and leaders in independent schools. We will uncover the link between good nutrition and wellbeing, how schools can keep delivering nutrition messages to pupils during the pandemic and where catering teams’ priorities should lie in light of the pandemic.

Panel speakers:
Amanda Ursell, consultant nutritionist, CH&CO Independent

Irfan Latif, principal, DLD College London
Edward Valletta, bursar and clerk to the governors, Kimbolton School

12.30pm - 1pm

Interview: Sally-Anne Huang

We talk to Sally-Anne Huang, high master of St Paul’s School, about her first term in her new role, the school’s

ambitious development campaign, her work as the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference’s (HMC) chair and



Sally-Anne Huang was educated at Bolton School and is now a member of their governing body. She also has

experience of governance of boarding and prep schools. She read classics and English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford,

has an MSc in educational leadership and management and, more recently, completed a masters degree in children’s

literature, which is a personal passion of hers. Sally-Anne is high master of St Paul’s School, having previously been

headmistress of James Allen’s Girls’ School, and Kent College, Pembury. Her professional interests include the

importance of cultural diversity within schools and the power of performing arts in pupil experience.

1.15pm - 2pm

Independent and State Schools: 
Working Together

This discussion will be led by independent and state schools which are currently working together. We will look at how independent schools can set up meaningful partnerships with state schools, what the benefits are for those involved and what it could mean for the wider education landscape.

Panel speakers:
Tom Arbuthnott, deputy head (partnerships), Eton College
Ben McCarey, head, Holyport College
Leo Winkley, headmaster, Shrewsbury School
Nicki Mattin, principal, Spires Academy

2pm - 2.30pm

The current state of the independent schools sector

Interview: Barnaby Lenon

We talk to Barnaby Lenon about whether there has been a rise in demand for independent education, the sector’s strengths and weaknesses, and whether independent schools are more vulnerable than ever, or thriving.

Barnaby Lenon was brought up on a council estate in south London. He was educated at Eltham College, Oxford University and he won the Cambridge University prize for education. He taught at Eton for 12 years, was deputy head of Highgate School, headmaster of Trinity School Croydon and head of Harrow. He has been a governor of 22 schools and is currently a trustee of the nine independent and state schools in the King Edward’s Birmingham Foundation. He is professor of education at the University of Buckingham, chairman of the Independent Schools Council, and a trustee of the Yellow Submarine charity. He has recently published two books, Much Promise: Successful Schools in England, and Other People’s Children: What Happens to the Academically Least Successful 50%?

2.30pm - 3.15pm

Outstanding Practice in Safeguarding and Pastoral Care

A discussion panel made up of highly experienced safeguarding practitioners and educationalists discuss the latest trends in safeguarding and pastoral care, the impact of Covid-19 on student and staff wellbeing and what schools and colleges can do to tackle these challenges. The panel will explore the critical role that senior leaders have in promoting and embedding a culture of outstanding practice and the strategies they can adopt to achieve this. Sponsored by MyConcern.

Panel speakers:
Mike Glanville, director of safeguarding services for One Team Logic
Jan Pickles OBE, safeguarding consultant
Adam Lubbock, director of Kings River education
Luke Ramsden, DSL and deputy headteacher for St Benedict’s School