‘The award that mattered most to the boys was for kindness’

Hilary Moriarty asks teachers to stop and think about the qualities rewarded at the end of year celebration – there could be one you are missing

How do we grow high performers?

High Performance Learning is helping schools ensure their students are given opportunities to thrive

Significant increase in alternative qualifications in independent schools

The ISC’s analysis of Year 13 exam results show more schools are now offering alternative qualifications to A-levels

IGCSEs do not advantage privately educated students – HMC director

Responding to an article in Tes, Mike Buchanan said the difference between IGCSEs and GCSES was negligible and balanced out by contextual admissions

Why one school won’t be broadcasting exam results

The headteacher of a girls’ school in Cornwall believes it is more important to celebrate each individual achievement than to broadcast overall school success

Strong A-level year for independent schools despite overall dip

While top grades have fallen nationally, 2019 marks a strong year for many independent schools

Where could you work in the NHS?

That was the question posed by medical professionals when they gave a presentation to pupils at Bolton School

National Citizen Service: working for social cohesion at the most apposite time

Reigate Grammar School head, Shaun Fenton, urges the independent sector to take another look at what David Cameron’s ‘big society’ programme has to offer

Independent schools exceed global average for IB results

5,201 UK students received their IB results, with many independent schools beating the worldwide average

‘Character makes the biggest difference, not exam results’ – HMC chair

Shaun Fenton, head of Reigate Grammar School and chair of HMC, says teachers may not admit it, but our lives aren’t defined by grades