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Buckswood juniors go bonkers for conkers

Juniors at Buckswood School celebrate the annual '˜Conker Fight'™ in the battle for the '˜conker champion' title

Posted by Rebecca Paddick | October 15, 2014 | School life

With a faint whiff of vinegar in the air, 60 Buckswood juniors took to the front field, battling it out to see who would be crowned the conker champion. Teachers and students entered into the spirit of the event and the new international students soon got into the swing of things in this very British competition.

Juniors had spent the previous weekends collecting conkers fallen from local horse chestnut trees, drilling them with a hole, finding suitable strings and shoe laces and practicing their swings in preparation for battle.

Head of Juniors, Mr Cassidy, said: “The conker fight was a most successful event and one seldom seen in schools these days due to the tendency to encase children in bubble-wrap. About 60 juniors and teachers took part in this annual event.

“As usual a few rogue competitors were sniffed out with one employing concrete secreted into the centre of the conker and another young chancer wrapping his conker in blue-tack and sticky paper. A number of conkers had clearly been baked, soaked in vinegar and treated to a host of other alterations – but in the spirit of fair play these were soon disqualified.”

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