Webinar: How to ensure effective parental communication

Join Firefly and discover how to ensure effective parental engagement at your prep school

Our free webinar on Thursday 26th April 2018, will see the Firefly Learning Team explore and explain the secret to ensuring effective and directed parental engagement at your prep school.

It’s well understood that establishing a strong home-school partnership which empowers parents to be involved in their child’s education is a key part to improving learning outcomes. But, this relationship is not always to easy to achieve.

In this webinar, we will for the first time reveal the results of a survey conducted with schools asking them about their current level and challenges when it comes to parental engagements. This is great opportunity to benchmark your school and hear how other schools are achieving success in this area.

Plus, a live expert panel of parents and teachers will tease out current concerns, future aspirations, and detail what they’re doing when it comes to technology and parents, as well as getting staff on-board with their home-school strategy.


Discussion points in this webinar include:

  • Actionable ideas on how to engage parents
  • Some new ways in which schools and parents can effectively communicate
  • How to create a successful three-way dialogue between teacher-student-parent

To learn more, and to participate in this Free Webinar, please click here