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Mirror, mirror on the wall, how was 2018 for you all?

SPONSORED: Tracy Shand, Founder of Simply Boarding, asks us all to hold a mirror to ourselves for some self-reflection

Posted by Julian Owen | December 05, 2018 | Health & wellbeing

Do you remember the magic mirror from Snow White? A mirror that talked back and gave answers. In our world, a mirror is used to check our appearance – clothes, hair and teeth, etc. Step back, take inspiration from the movie and simply look: is your answer here?

Holding a mirror to ourselves to self-reflect is one of the scariest moments in personal leadership. No matter how busy I find myself, I always make time to reflect so that I can make changes. It is about asking deliberate questions to look at what is going well and what needs to change or improve. Your success is based on how you act and react, so here are some of the questions I ask myself in order to move forward.

Am I being true to myself?

Life is busy. Have you lost yourself and what you value because things have got in the way? 

Am I making time for the people closest to me?

I moved back from Asia because of this. You can never get time back with the ones that you love.

Am I taking care of me? 

What would the mirror say? What one thing do you need to change now to get back to the old you? 

Reviewing your year is about stepping back, looking in the mirror and making changes for 2019. This December, my present to you is to share how I am using a mirror in 2019 to set my resolutions.

I have written 12 statements and each month, I will pick one. Examples are ‘start something’, ‘say yes to someone’, ‘say no to someone’ and so on. For 2019, look in your mirror, pick one of your choices and follow the magic.

Simply Boarding:

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