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Supporting a nutritious education

The importance of educating pupils on healthy eating

Posted by Alice Savage | May 15, 2017 | Teaching

Amy Roberts, Director of Nutrition and Food Development at Holroyd Howe, discusses...

Educating pupils on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle lays the foundations for a healthy future. With a strong understanding of how and why to eat healthily, pupils will be able to make informed choices, not only at school, but in later life. At Holroyd Howe, we use classroom learning and dining room demonstrations and talks to educate pupils. 

As the Director of Nutrition and Food Development, I work closely with the Executive Chef team to deliver a nutrition education programme into our schools. This includes age-appropriate activities, hands-on workshops and information sessions from our nutritionist team. 

There is an indisputable link between nutrition and improved sports performance

We have also found simple things such as displaying posters in dining rooms on ways to increase your fruit and vegetable intake or the importance of whole grains keeps nutrition top of mind for pupils. 

Discovery days are another way we educate pupils, demonstrating different ingredients in their raw or natural state and showing how they can be used in a variety of ways. This encourages pupils to taste foods they have not tried before and gives them a deeper understanding of culinary processes.

There is an indisputable link between nutrition and improved sports performance, however, this is one area that is sometimes overlooked by sports teams in schools. At Holroyd Howe, we make it our responsibility to improve knowledge and support sporting performance with the food we provide and the education we deliver to pupils, and even their parents. By working alongside sports departments, we successfully implement sports nutrition programmes to complement existing sporting schedules.

Their initiatives help Holroyd Howe to interact with the pupils with the goal of making food both fun and educational.  


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