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The sports stars of the future

Stuart Canvas Group reveals the educational and health benefits behind inclusion in sports for young people

Posted by Julian Owen | October 08, 2017 | Sports & Leisure

This year has been an excellent year in sport, with some monumental highs and success stories across a number of different sports. For young people, our sports teams are truly aspirational and with the right motivations and facilities, the sports teams are not only aspirational, but inspirational and achievable too.

Health and educational benefits 

Children and young people’s inclusion in sports brings significant benefits. Studies have shown that children and young people’s involvement in sports not only reduces risk of obesity and improves fitness but brings considerable educational benefits too. School-based physical activity has been associated with improved concentration, leadership skills, and discipline and time-management amongst others. If providing children and young people with sports facilities can improve their health and education long-term, we have to begin to consider that providing inspiring facilities is a priority. 

Training facilities

As part of Stuart Canvas Group, Stuart Canvas Cricket have over 45 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing, in particular for custom-made and bespoke products to meet their clients’ needs. Stuart Canvas Cricket have been designing, manufacturing and installing non-turf training facilities and multi-use games areas for over five years now. Sports and training facilities are fast becoming a major factor in a parent’s decision-making process, when deciding on their child’s school. Therefore, providing professional-standard training facilities is an investment for a school.  

Sports equipment

Stuart Canvas Cricket have also been the leading provider for cricket ground equipment for a number of years. They have an excellent range of quality cricket equipment available to buy at competitive prices including cricket covers, sight screens, score boards and cages, amongst others.  

If you’d like any more information on training facilities, facilities refurbishment or equipment for cricket or other sports, please don’t hesitate to contact Stuart Canvas Group on 01925 814 525.


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