UK-wide assembly to showcase engineers on a mission

Schools are being urged to sign up to the first ever Tomorrow's Engineers Week Big Assembly

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is set to take place from 5 to 9 November to encourage more young people to consider a career in engineering.

The Big Assembly, a live video stream, will offer schools across the UK the chance to take part in the same assembly at the same time. It will feature a panel of inspiring engineers who will discuss their careers and the positive impact engineering has on the issues young people care about the most.

According to data from Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, 90% of young people dream of a career that tackles social issues.

When Tomorrow’s Engineers Week researchers asked what messages engineers would like to share with young people to inspire them about a career in engineering, 74% of engineers questioned wanted to let young people know that engineers make the world a better place. 71% felt young people should know that engineers help find innovative solutions and 69% want them to know engineers shape the way we live.

Engineers shape the world we live in and use their skills to solve some of the issues that young people care about most

Engineers taking part in the survey described their careers as having many different positive effects on the world. Their work ranges from “making water safe to drink” to “repairing machines that improve the quality of life” to “helping people have safe and enjoyable holidays”.

Beth Elgood, Director of Communications at EngineeringUK, said: “Engineers shape the world we live in and use their skills to solve some of the issues that young people care about most. Hundreds of individual engineers and employers are expected to be part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week and the announcement of the Big Assembly today means more young people than ever before will be inspired by what engineers can achieve.

“It’s really easy for schools to be part of the Big Assembly and for students to understand more about the role of engineers and engineering in shaping our world and of the wide range of routes they can take into such an extraordinary career.”

More information on how to get involved is available at Schools can sign up to be part of the Big Assembly at