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iSAMS is the first management information system for schools that is 100% web-based, delivered in the cloud or on-premise, with a modular architecture allowing schools to fit exact needs and APIs available for third-party integration with other systems.

Trusted by over 900 schools across 65 countries, with 150 new schools migrating to iSAMS each year, our staff complement of over 100 people support more than half a million active users.

Some of the world’s most prestigious schools rely on our management system to support them in providing a world-class education. If you would like to know more about iSAMS, we would relish the opportunity to talk with you.

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Schools should invest in monitoring student wellbeing

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iFinance has been developed as an integrated solution to streamline academic, pastoral, administrative and fee-billing elements

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Leading learning through pastoral care and GDPR compliance

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