Are you ready for the most important exam of your life?

Tracy Shand, author of Boardingology, asks you to grab a pen, take a deep breath and let’s start

When was the last time you took an exam? 10 years ago? 20 years ago? Or one second ago?

What does the word exam mean to you? Are you having a testing time in the game of life? What if I told you, you are taking an exam every day that measures your success. No grades, no numbers – just your feelings and actions. 

What a statement I have just made, but is it true? It is time to address the 24-hour personalised life curriculum that is determining your success one second at a time. Success starts with you, so grab that pen now and let’s start.

1. What is in your wellness toolbox?

Do you have one? If you do not have one, make one now. It is a set of items that when you are not having a great day you can look at to remind yourself how awesome you are. For me, I have family photos, bubble bath, a face pack, a colouring book, a funny DVD and a big bar of chocolate. What about you?

2. What one thing do you need to learn to move forward?

How can you do it, and when will you do it? 

3. What do m and c stand for in the equation y = mx+c?

Oops, wrong exam! How did you feel when you saw this question? Feelings and thoughts drive actions. Track your day in terms of emotions and draw up one strategy to try tomorrow to measure your success in smiles.

Take time today to answer the questions and then take action that will unlock your success.


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