Helping us to help others

Working with the Fonthill Foundation gave Burgess Hill the perfect opportunity to make a difference, says Liz Laybourn

The Fonthill Foundation, Burgess Hill School for Girls and the Quicken Trust are working together to help improve educational provision for the pupils of The Trust High School in Kabubbu, Uganda.

Schools across the country commit to supporting charities, large and small, in a multitude of different ways – from the traditional cake sale and sponsored events to the larger, annual school fete.  The variety is endless but what we do is ensure that the considerable sums of money raised are put to good use in supporting those who are or have become less fortunate than ourselves. 

The moral development gained by all parties involved is immeasurable; having the opportunity to be part of a major life-changing project is not only destined to make a difference but also has the ability to create life-long relationships. 

‘Making a difference’ is a common theme around our school irrespective of the time and effort that such activities may consume. 

Needless to say, when presented with an opportunity to work with The Fonthill Foundation, who offered a significant sum of money to support a ‘Contain-A-School’ project, it fulfilled the criteria of ‘helping us to help others’ and the school’s longstanding relationship with the charitable organisation, The Quicken Trust, so we jumped at it! 

A 20ft container has been delivered to the school filled with resources, sourced, to benefit the staff and children in Kabubbu. If you haven’t ever encountered such a major logistical project, I can recommend it. We had no knowledge of shipping rules, collating an inventory fit for customs or how to best pack a container full of items of various shapes and sizes. It certainly brings an added dimension to one’s day job!

Just a few of the items destined for The Trust High School in Kabbubu

A group of year 10 girls took charge of the inventory of over 1,200 items, alongside Wheadons, our local removal firm, who masterminded the slick packing operation. The Quicken Trust sourced essential items for the village and the school, and the Fonthill Foundation made this wonderful project come to life.

There is no doubt in my mind that The Trust High School in Kabubbu will reap the benefits of some wonderful resources to ensure the pupils get the best education possible.  In addition to the resources, the village will retain the container to be used in a way they feel will benefit the whole community.

It is humbling to know that the legacy of Fonthill School, formally a wonderful independent school in East Grinstead, is changing the lives of those less privileged.  

Liz Laybourn is Deputy Headmistress of Burgess Hill School for Girls.

To get involved with the Contain-A-School programme please contact:    

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