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Schoolblazer reveals how they transformed Burgess Hill Girls’ uniform and sportswear

Schoolblazer is now widely recognised across the UK as the leader in design and development of uniform and sportswear.

Burgess Hill Girls approached Schoolblazer in early 2015 following the appointment of Kathryn Bell as the new Head. Kathryn had a very clear vision for the school, a school for ‘Only Motivated Girls’ or ‘OMGs’. However, the previous uniform was drab and undistinctive, failing to reflect the modern ethos of the school and nurturing nature of the surroundings.

Schoolblazer worked with design agency Kilvington, who specialise in school branding, and who had been tasked to develop a new brand identity for Burgess Hill Girls. The agency conducted detailed focus groups with pupils and the results of these were very clear. 

The girls wanted a unique and distinctive style that built on the heritage of the school but was still modern and fashionable. The school’s blue colour scheme was important, but the desire was to move away from a ‘plain’ blue jacket.

They also commented that the sportswear should be distinctive with a real stand-out look. Sport is a critical part of the school’s life and identity, however, local schools are all in a dominant navy-based colour scheme, and the school wanted a unique look.

Our designers then got to work. 

We presented a series of concepts and mood boards, showcasing shapes and ideas. Then we worked with the UK’s leading textile mills to develop a fabric which fully reflected the style and colours. Finally, we worked together to develop some high-impact sportswear under the Squadkit brand. Squadkit has been developed with the world’s leading sportswear fabric suppliers to bring new levels of breathability and performance to the school market.

The result is a unique uniform that uses the new distinctive ‘B’ branding, sometimes in quite subtle ways like in the jacquard lining of the blazers. The whole look has been modernised by the introduction of fitted girls’ jackets, blouses and tailoring. The Squadkit sportswear delivers a bold look using strong and vibrant colours in the latest performance fabrics.

Too often new uniform or sportswear introductions are let down by poor logistics. At Schoolblazer we know that parental satisfaction is key, and pride ourselves on our logistical excellence. We applied our unique buying algorithms to ensure that we delivered 100% availability throughout the launch season and worked with our factories to ensure that all stock was ready for launch. Our online service offers intelligent sizing to ensure fit, free name-tape application and ultra-fast order turn-around. 

The results have been amazing: over 95% of parents expressed themselves as fully satisfied with our service and over 90% of parents were satisfied with the appearance and quality.

More importantly the school is delighted with the new product. Kathryn Bell said: “Schoolblazer have played a vital part in our redesign and development. I’m delighted with the result.” 

W: www.schoolblazer.com

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