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Over the past decade, SOCS has cemented their position as the world’s leading school sports management system. The natural next step that has followed from this success has been building a software solution to manage and communicate co-curricular activities. SOCS is now helping hundreds of schools to move away from paper registers, time-consuming report writing and disorderly sign-ups.

Nearly 800 independent schools across 15 countries use SOCS. SOCS co-curricular is used as the operational planning resource at many leading schools, including Millfield, Wellington College, Whitgift School and Brighton College.

James Kershaw-Naylor, Business Development Director at SOCS, explained: “The rapid adoption of SOCS sport meant that we were speaking to school staff and administrators on a daily basis. It quickly became apparent that there was a need for a system that would help teachers and administrators manage the schools’ activities programmes. Co-curricular information is often split between different departments such as music, sport and drama, but this approach strained resources and made it difficult to track pupil participation and progress. We developed SOCS co-curricular to be used as the central co-curricular database for a school.”

SOCS co-curricular enables staff to run activity sign-ups, communicate club schedules and content, and take registers helping identify when a pupil signed up for an activity is meant to be elsewhere. Staff in charge of activities can also see if a pupil is doing too much or too little and produce periodic reports on individual pupil activity. This can help to encourage both pupil and staff participation and discourage academic disruption when a pupil is identified as doing too much. Once set up, activities schedules are easily repeated the following year and records can be produced to help with ISI inspections.

“SOCS co-curricular enables busy parents to cut through the noise of the school life and follow their child directly.”

Lucy Watkins, Head of Client Management at SOCS, said: “Independent schools are renowned for focusing on the holistic education of the pupil, rather than just on exam results. Having a system that staff, pupils and parents can use safely and with peace of mind has been central to our strategy from the start. SOCS co-curricular enables busy parents to cut through the noise of the school life and follow their child directly. A parent can synchronise their smartphone to their child’s activity calendar, so that they are always up to date on where their child is and what time they need to be picked up outside the academic hours.”

As schools continue to develop their activities programmes, it is important to the team behind SOCS that the software system continues to develop too. SOCS believe that one of the reasons behind their success is their commitment to helping schools achieve more. “It is such an exciting time to be working with the independent school sector. We are right at the heart of change,” James concludes.

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