A strategy to improve uptake and results in languages

SPONSORED: Verilingual can help languages departments develop bespoke strategies to maximise results

Recent changes in the examination system at GCSE and A-level mean schools must change the way they deliver languages at secondary level.

Our experience in teaching productive skills (speaking and writing), for final examination, not controlled assessment, can help you foster independent and creative learners, improving results at GCSE and uptake and results at A-level.

Level 8/9 at GCSE and the elusive A* at A-level, are achievable within most contexts, with a joyful focus on structure and grammar!

Teaching languages means creating a safe learning space. The environment in the languages classroom is crucial. We ask our students to step out of their comfort zone and communicate in a foreign language in front of their peers. They need to feel safe, in order to succeed. How do we do this?

At Verilingual we help languages departments develop bespoke strategies and support to help maximise their results, improving individual pupil performance, as well as lifting results for whole cohorts in the short- and long-term.

We are passionate practitioners, believing that grammar can, and should, be taught to all pupils providing building blocks to allow them to become creative and enthusiastic linguists. We know how to aim for the top grade and achieve it!

We help schools:

 – Design adapted schemes of work, specific to their context

 – Provide training for staff, taking into account exam board requirements

 – Design assessment packages across all secondary key stages

 – Provide emergency intervention for struggling departments

 – Design long-term plans to implement structure and foster creative learning

Former Head of Department at a top boys’ grammar school, Suzanne Terrasse, has consulted with various exam boards and worked as a consultant for a local Academy Trust. She is an experienced and passionate classroom practitioner.


“Suzanne was a huge asset to department, faculty and Academy. Her advice and support was consistently outstanding. She comes with my fullest recommendation and would be a great asset to any school or organisation that she works with.”

For more, please visit verilingual.com

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