Aardman’s summer app to keep kids happy

New app, ‘Learning Time with Timmy 3’, is a studious solution for slow summers
Holidays present a challenge for parents: how to entertain children on long journeys or when weather is poor? Phones and tablets can often come to the rescue, providing parents with video solutions like YouTube and games apps, but risk expensive roaming charges and no reception in remote locations. Furthermore, parents may want make sure their children can keep learning and mentally active while being entertained.
Aardman and the British Council have found a solution for parents with their latest app, Learning Time with Timmy 3. Combining the British Council’s global expertise in teaching English with the award-winning studio’s much loved character Timmy, the app enables children to learn English in a fun and interactive way through three engaging games that introduce children to reading, help them practice vocabulary, and allow them to boost memory and cognitive skills. It is the latest in a series that has delighted tens of thousands of children and their parents around the world.     
‘Learning Time with Timmy 3’ is perfect for summer holidays.  It is packed with party-themed vocabulary including food, musical instruments and fancy dress costumes. The app is also free of adverts and in-app purchases so parents can be sure they are not providing their kids with inappropriate content. Parents will be pleased to know that they can easily turn off the in-app music so that their children can be entertained quietly.
‘Learning Time with Timmy 3’ is the most challenging app in the series building on vocabulary learned in the first two apps. It also features the first reading game in series, ‘Hatch Match’. In the game children match pairs of pictures with words which introduces them to reading simple vocabulary such as ‘tree’, ‘cat’ and ‘dog’. This gives children a strong literacy foundation to prepare them for school. There is also the option to choose between three levels of difficulty depending on how strong the child’s reading skills are. The game becomes more challenging as children progress allowing them to improve their memory skills by learning to match three, then four, then six pairs in a game.
The aptly-named ‘I-Spy’ keeps children occupied for hours as they are tasked with finding hidden objects on the beach such as a bucket, a spade or a fish. The game naturally boosts children’s concentration, and as they progress objects get harder to find which requires serious focus and increased dexterity.
In the third game ‘Rub-a-Dub’ children must listen to the narrator and swipe away sand, sweets and beach towels in to discover objects such as cake and pizza hidden beneath. This app has been designed to ensure children can develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination when swiping and tapping objects.
Parents who might not be confident in their own English ability can rest assured that their children will learn how to pronounce words correctly and independently as the narrator offers guidance and authentic pronunciation throughout the app.
To keep children interested and motivated, each game rewards children with stickers so they can get creative, making their own vibrant sticker scenes and short video clips that can be viewed without an internet connection so children can laugh along with Timmy and his friends at any time.
The British Council and Aardman will make ‘Learning Time with Timmy 3’ available from Thursday 7th July on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

‘Learning Time with Timmy 3’ is the third app in the ‘Learning Time with Timmy’ English language learning app series developed by the British Council’s English teaching experts and Aardman, the creators of Timmy Time and Shaun the Sheep. 


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