ACS Egham students exhibit impressive final artworks

Final year students at ACS Egham International School have showcased their creations in an end-of-year art exhibition

ACS Egham International School has held its 16th annual end-of-year art exhibition, the culmination of two years’ work for students on the International Baccalaureate visual arts course.

Six students, aged 17 – 18, each exhibited up to 11 artworks using a range of techniques, including photography, ceramics, and acrylic canvas paintings. As part of the assessment process, they were also required to analyse and compare artworks by artists from different cultural backgrounds.

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Andrew Vaughan, head of the arts at ACS Egham, said: “As part of the course, students tackle open-ended assignments designed to stimulate their individual artistic flair, and give each student a chance to explore themes meaningful to them.

“At the end of the two years, students have built up a significant body of work – the envy of any budding artist  – and, at the exhibition, they select their best pieces to represent their own creative explorations.”


Irene, aged 17, said: “In my work, Blue, the colour scheme was chosen to recall the tones of the sea in the background. This was a study of a picture of my sister taken by me during the summer; the aim is to convey serenity and nostalgia coming with summer days.”

“The idea for Three Graces was to recreate the classical depiction of the Three Graces, one of the most famous subjects in mythology and greatly celebrated in classical literature and art. I decided to make it unique with the use of a surreal composition and geometrical colour patterns. ”

Mr Vaughan added: “They put a lot of hard work and dedication into their final pieces, and I am exceptionally proud of our students and how far they have progressed over their course.”

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