Airhalls provide all-weather option

Bridome have erected over 40 double-skinned, inflatable airhalls – an ideal, all-weather facility for many sports

Bridome was set up in May 1986 and is an accredited contractor for the supply of airhalls to local authorities and others, sponsored by the Lawn Tennis Association, All England Club and Sport England. The airhalls supplied conform to the LTA/ITI specifications set and also to the specifications for academy and training facilities set out for the Football Association.

Bridome has erected over 40 airhalls in the UK. Each airhall is made to measure and the specification depends on the requirements of the client. Visits to these locations can be easily arranged in consultation with Bridome.

One of the most important features of the Bridome airhall is the double-skin, which is unlike other inflatable structures as it is designed to have a double-skin right down to the court surface, which provides optimum insulation properties as well as excellent acoustics.

The overall height of the dome is normally 10.5 metres and there is a clear playing height to within 0.5 metres of the edge of the dome. Various profiles of curvature can be constructed to give maximum usable playing area in restricted dimensions. The dome can be taken down for the summer period and storage covers provided to protect the membrane.

The airdome has a life expectation of 15-20 years.

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