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Tech industry urged to give back for National Coding Week 2016

National Coding Week is set to return for its third year. The UK-wide, week-long series of events encourages adults to try their hand at writing computer code, often for the first time.

With less than 50 days to go, organisers are calling on people in the technology industry and beyond to get involved with the initiative once again to help prove that anyone, regardless of age or gender, can learn to code.

Supporters of the event believe that if the tech industry wants to grow and be one of the strongest in the world, then it’s down to them to give back, train up new talent and get people engaged. 

Three years on from the first National Coding Week and a massive problem still remains in sourcing enough skilled people to fill the digital skills gap. And while unemployment figures are reportedly falling, not enough of these people are taking on jobs in coding.

National Coding Week 2016 takes place from September 19 – 25, and is supported by platinum sponsor JT Group. The week’s free-to-attend training sessions will offer opportunities for anybody who’s interested in being taught the basics of coding alongside other beginners with little or no previous knowledge.

Its ‘crowd sourced’ approach to sharing knowledge means the success of the week rests on passionate computer programmers, developers and digital professionals across the country who are willing to give something back and host their own events.

Tech communities or individuals who’d like to host an event need to ‘pin’ the listing on the National Coding Week interactive map. One organisation to have done this already is MadLab in Manchester, who are teaching 7 languages in 7 days this year, with attendees having the opportunity to learn how to code in Javascript, HTML, CSS and more.

This event will fall just a couple of months after The Science and Technology Committee published its June report warning about the ever-growing ‘digital skills crisis’. The Committee Chair, Nicola Blackwood MP said: ‘The UK leads Europe on tech, but we need to take concerted action to avoid falling behind.”

Former head teacher and founder of National Coding Week Richard Rolfe said: “National Coding Week 2016 is really shaping up to be the biggest year yet! We’ve got some very exciting organisations backing the week and a whole host of events taking place up and down the country. From Jersey to Edinburgh, wherever you are, there should be an event close by to attend.

“The latest report published by The Science and Technology Committee reaffirms what we know already – that we’re increasingly under threat as a nation due to a lack of digital skills in the workforce, yet there are thousands of people out there who are looking for a job, or desperate to change career. National Coding Week is as relevant as ever.”

National Coding week was founded by Richard and young entrepreneur Jordan Love in 2014. The pair work with unemployed people, people with autism and those looking to change career path, teaching them to code and helping them to secure work in the digital sector.

To get involved:

•    Tweet your support using the hashtag #NationalCodingWeek

•    Follow @codingweek on Twitter

•    Visit the website: to find out how you can host or attend an event in your area



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