April issue of Independent Education Today is out now!

This month, we are talking about school catering and how independent schools are transforming school dinners

Welcome to the catering issue!

During the making of this magazine, a certain song has been stuck in my head. Food Glorious Food from the musical Oliver! has kept springing to mind, as I have heard about the fantastic catering facilities in independent schools across the country. I am, of course, taking the song literally, as the food on offer is a far cry from the gruel that the poor children in Oliver! had to endure. Our special report on page 27 will give you a taste of how schools are transforming school dinners and on page 23, I went back to school for one lunchtime.


Elsewhere, my musical theme continues, as we take a look at how schools are embracing the performing arts and encouraging STEAM. Angela Drew, Headmistress at Bromley High School, sums it up perfectly when she says on page 12, “In this complex, exciting world young people will need to blend technological understanding with creative energy.”

Also, be prepared for your diary to become busier, as there are some important events to attend in the next few months. From The Festival of Education to the COBIS Annual Conference, it is the ideal time to come together. I will be attending so don’t forget to say hello if you are there too.


Enjoy the issue – hopefully it doesn’t make you too hungry…

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