Beating the weather at schools with sports canopies

Streetspace explains how it can offer bespoke canopy solutions and other multi-use games areas for schools

The mental and physical benefits of an active lifestyle for people of all ages are well known. This is why numerous initiatives aim to promote the role of sport and physical activity, particularly for groups such as women and children who often face barriers to participation. Examples of these initiatives are the Mayor of London’s new Sport Strategy Sport for All of Us, The Telegraph’s Girls, Inspired campaign, and British Cycling’s campaign to get one million more women on bikes by 2020.

This issue of physical activity is especially important for children, because habits formed at an early age can play a vital role in wellbeing in later life. In a bid to get children playing more sport, in December 2018 the Government called for more partnerships with leading sporting organisations to improve school sport and ensure that all children have the opportunity to take part, ahead of the release of its new School Sport Action Plan this year. This is in addition to many initiatives already in place that are aimed at children, such as The Daily Mile and schools taking the lead themselves to promote active travel.

However, one of the biggest challenges in getting people consistently active is, of course, the weather, with up to 30% of all available playing time in the UK lost due to bad weather or poor light conditions. On the other side of things, there is also the risk attached to extended exposure to the sun, for which the use of sun cream and wearing a hat and so on are not always practical or convenient. So, what can be done to enable sports activities at schools and other community facilities to continue during bad weather or when it is dark and also offer protection against the sun?

One of the biggest challenges in getting people consistently active is, of course, the weather, with up to 30% of all available playing time in the UK lost due to bad weather or poor light conditions

Here at Streetspace we have been vocal supporters of active lifestyles for a long time and are proud to offer bespoke solutions of canopies for schools and other multi-use games areas (MUGAs). These all-weather sports canopies are permanent architectural structures designed to provide outstanding performance, aesthetic beauty and durability. They can deliver covered MUGAs that are dedicated to the provision of year-round, all-weather playing environments, which encourage people of all ages into sporting activities for their fitness and wellbeing.

In more detail, our Sportspace365™ PVC tensile membrane cover is tensioned over a steel framework through an alloy extrusion system, which offers cost efficiency in both construction and operational maintenance for large-scale covered MUGA space. Sportspace365™ is an open ventilating structure with dry, UV-protected and well-lit courts, having air flow and temperatures in line with the external environment. Plus, there are removable mesh sides as an option to keep out the elements without allowing stale air and condensation to build up, and also to offer additional protection from the sun.

At schools, in particular, the cost of improvements to facilities is an absolutely vital factor. Therefore, our sports canopies are designed with cost efficiency as a prime consideration.

To complement our sports canopies and to encourage active lifestyles further, our partners at metroSTOR offer a range of cycle parking facilities, which can help to encourage people to swap their car journey for a bike instead.

Please get in touch with the Streetspace team to discuss how we can transform your outdoor spaces and help to get adults and children alike active!

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