Best value private schools revealed

An interactive tool allows people to see how one school fares against others in terms of value for money

The Independent Schools Council (ISC) and The Telegraph have used their own research and analysis to compile a database of private schools’ fees mapped against exam results.

An interactive tool allows Telegraph subscribers to search for every school in England – where their GCSE results are publicly available – and see how they fare against others in terms of value for money. The same will be available for A-level results at a later date.

The findings

Badminton School was identified as one of the best value boarding schools as it had one of the highest proportion of top exam grades (77% A-A*s or 7-9s) but among the lowest fees (£10,765 for boarders per term).

Burgess Hill Girls produced the best GCSE results for the lowest fees in Sussex. Offering the government’s free childcare scheme for three and four-year-olds in nursery and reception, the school calculates that the first reception year at the school can cost as little as £2,080 per year.

Among the costliest boarding schools was DLD College in London, where fees are £17,666 a term but just 28.07% of GCSEs are awarded top grades.

Bellerbys College London, which charges £9,020 per term for day pupils, has emerged as one of the most expensive day schools in the country but where pupils achieve among the lowest proportions of As and A*s, or grades 7-9.

Barnaby Lenon, chair of ISC, told The Telegraph: “I totally agree that independent schools have to watch out that they don’t price parents out of the market, they are very aware of that and have made a huge effort to hold fees down.”

However, he added: “Let’s face it if you ask parents what they want most for their children, the first thing they will say is not results. It’s that they are happy, make good friends, are safe and secure.”


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