Best options with John Cheatle

John Cheatle offers the widest choice when it comes to selecting how you want your school uniform service to function

As an independent group that is the true leader in the independent sector (three times larger than the nearest competitor), John Cheatle is still a family-run firm that prides itself on great service, attention to detail, terrific value and the most comprehensive choice.

They don’t just offer you an online or mail-order service, or a retail service from the nearest High Street shop, or an on-site school shop to the exclusion of all else. They offer you almost any possible combination of all of these options, so that the unique needs of your school are met in full, your parents are delighted and your pupils are smart representations of your school and its traditions. John Cheatle also provide excellent advice on updating uniforms and sports kits.

With the most comprehensive range of schoolwear and school sportswear from the best suppliers, they can meet and exceed your expectations. Their team is experienced, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile. They provide the personal touch that means a lot in an age of faceless transactions. They also provide the latest till technology so they can monitor and maintain your stock levels properly and help parents who need to pay by phone.

And, because they’re so big, they get priority treatment when it comes to buying for you – and they can pass on the discounts they achieve to your school. You’d be surprised how much they can save you.

Contact them today – speak to Justin Cheatle on 0116 299 0925 for a friendly chat, or email Also see their website at


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