Boarding school in Asia offers cut-price sixth form places

Regent’s International School, Bangkok launches scheme for year 11 students to complete education abroad

Regent’s International School, Bangkok is launching a scheme for the new academic year, offering a sixth form education to UK students at a fraction of the cost of a similar education at home.

Headmaster Peter Hogan ran two prestigious British boarding schools and for only £5,000 per year he is inviting year 11 UK students to spend their last two school years studying in Asia. This means two years of study for the highly regarded IB Diploma will cost less than one term in a typical British boarding school.

There will also be five full scholarship places (100% discount) for exceptional young academics who are potential competitors in UK Olympiad competitions. 

Peter Hogan said: “The next generation will grow up in a world where Asia is dominant in many areas, so this opportunity will give British pupils a real advantage.

“The chance of two years studying in this amazing country and then returning home with understanding, international experiences and achievements way above most of their peers will make an enormous difference in the life of a young person. “

Regent’s International, Bangkok is ranked number one for IB Diploma scores in Thailand. Almost all teachers are recruited from the UK and 70% are IB examiners.

Peter Hogan moved from headship in the UK two years ago and has witnessed the significant rise in British school fees first hand.

“British boarding schools are in danger of pricing themselves out of their domestic market and relying too heavily on well-to-do foreign nationals,” he said. “The year-on-year fee hikes above inflation hit local families hardest and it seems unfair. 

“At the same time, the international sector is booming, the teaching is very professional and the schools are dynamic with excellent facilities. I think the British market has something to learn from the successes abroad. With this scheme I would like to enhance the lives and opportunities of some UK students at a price many families can afford.” 

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