Break a world record and transform lives

Schools are being given the chance to become world record breakers and to raise money to transform the lives of deaf children

The challenge is to sing a song and perform it in sign language at the same time as part of the sing2sing fundraising event run by the deaf health charity SignHealth. Earlier this year they set the existing world record of 144, 503 people taking part in schools and choirs around the country. The event raised tens of thousands of pounds to help give deaf children the same healthy future as their hearing friends.

SignHealth’s research has shown that deaf children’s health is badly affected by problems communicating at doctor’s surgeries and hospitals. Isolation is a real problem too. It means that deaf children have double the chance of mental illness and life-threatening illnesses in adult life.

SignHealth’s chief executive, Steve Powell, says: “We want more people than ever to take part in sign2sing. The money raised is making a real difference to the life expectancy of deaf children. It also enables SignHealth to provide essential services and projects to help deaf adults who have grown up in a world of inequality.

“Learning some basic sign language through music brings deaf and hearing children together and breaks down communication barriers.”

sign2sing takes place from Monday 2nd February to Sunday 8th February 2015

To take part, change lives and help break the world record, simply register online via the sign2sing website

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