Bryanston School launches ‘pioneering’ gender equality programme

Bryanston developed its new gender equality initiative with the Bold Voices social enterprise and hopes to empower people well beyond the school gates

An independent co-educational school in Dorset hopes to set a new standard in gender equality education with the introduction of an innovative element in its religious and sex education courses.

To hone the new programme, Bryanston School teamed up with the Bold Voices social enterprise, founded with a mission statement maintaining that ‘all young people have the right to receive an education free from gender inequality and gendered violence’.

“We are all really excited about the far-reaching and truly pioneering programme that will be launched in September and I can’t wait to get started,” said the founder of Bold Voices, Natasha Eeles.

“To be able to raise such issues in the safety of a school environment is enormously powerful and positive.”

The new programme will be Bold Voices’ most comprehensive to date and look to address broader societal issues in connection with gender-based violence. As well as pupils and staff, Bryanston aims for it to engage with parents, local schools and the wider community.

So as not to miss out, A2 pupils set to leave the school before the initiative’s introduction were given a personal presentation by Eeles. She underlined the importance of openly discussing the issues at hand and taking personal responsibility for them.

“My recent visit to Bryanston provided a great opportunity to explore and discuss the topic of gender-based violence with current sixth formers,” said Eeles.

“We discussed the idea that sexual harassment and sexual violence targets people based on their gender and that an important step in changing this behaviour is to tackle the culture upon which it is built. It was reassuring to see the pupils listening so intently and very encouraging to see them absorb the information and various viewpoints on such difficult and sensitive topics.”

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