Burgess Hill gets forensic

Students from Burgess Hill School for Girls and children from seven local primary schools use forensics science to solve a murder mystery

During the morning on January 9, the Year 6 teams, each guided by a Year 7 student, were set the task of using evidence to determine who killed Bishop Mitre in the conservatory at the Bishop’s Palace.

Suspects included his wife, Mary Mitre, her hairdresser, Miss Boo Fon, the local florist, Miss Flo Fairey and several friends and neighbours.

Each team carried out flame tests on residues found on the victim’s clothes, used chromatography to determine whose pen wrote a threatening letter, and analysed hair samples, fingerprints, footprints and pollen found at the crime scene.

The Year 6 students especially enjoyed using the facilities in the Science laboratories.

Megan Vandersluis said: ‘I enjoyed using the Bunsen burners to carry out the flame tests – it was the first time I had used one.’

‘I loved using the microscopes as I had not used them before,’ added Neroli Girvan.

Juliette Browning commented: ‘The chromatography was very interesting as I hadn’t seen anything like that before – it was fun to do!’

At lunch, the teams analysed their results and after a group discussion with Mrs Lymphany, head of chemistry, everyone came to the conclusion that all clues pointed to the local florist as the murderess! 


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