Bursary student heading to Cambridge following top A-level results

A Bradford Grammar School student, who came to the sixth form on an assisted place, has secured A* grades across the board in her A-levels

A student who secured an assisted place to attend Bradford Grammar School will be heading to Cambridge University after securing A* grades across the board in her A-levels.

Charlie Kelly dreams of being an inventor and will go on to study engineering at the university.

The 18-year-old grew up in Allerton, Bradford with her two older sisters and mum, Sam, having lost her dad when she was six years old.

Kelly said: “The place at Bradford Grammar completely changed my life. It opened up the world of learning to me. It’s not just about the quality of education, it’s who you surround yourself with. If you’re in a school that cares about learning, you will succeed.”

On joining the independent school in the sixth form, Kelly recalled: “One of my main worries was would I make any friends; would they like me and would they be different to me because it’s a private school. But from the very first day there were others who had come into the sixth form new like me; there was one girl who was in every one of my classes and now we’re best friends.”

Dr Simon Hinchliffe, headmaster at Bradford Grammar School, said: “A good education can be a transformative experience, as Charlie has shown, which is why we want to help as many young people as possible through our growing assisted places programme. [Charlie] is a credit to our school, and we know she will go on to do great things.”

Kelly was sponsored through school by Roger Bowers, the deputy lord lieutenant of West Yorkshire.

Bradford Grammar School spends on average £900,000 per year on assisted places, supporting 10% of the student community.

The school has announced a new fund, the 1662 Campaign for Assisted Places, with the aim of doubling the number of places over the coming years through proactively fundraising from its former students.

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