Christ College Brecon celebrates excellent inspection report

The independent school has been judged as ‘excellent’ in all five inspection areas in its latest Estyn report

An Estyn report, carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales last term, judged Christ College’s current performance as “excellent” in all five inspection areas. The areas were: standards; wellbeing and attitude to learning; teaching and learning experiences; care, support and guidance; and leadership and management.

In the report, the school’s overall teaching and learning experiences were described as “excellent”, with dedicated and well-qualified teachers offering a “broad and balanced curriculum’” It also noted that the sixth form pupils’ performance at A level over the last three years was “outstanding”.

Beyond the academic results, the report called the school’s personal and social education (PSE) programme “outstanding and extremely-well coordinated”. Estyn reported: “Most pupils feel safe, secure, and exceptionally well cared for. Nearly all pupils have an infectious pride in their school, and demonstrate a very caring, compassionate and supportive attitude towards each other and to the adults around them.”

‘I was very proud to see that the report celebrated the calm, supportive and balanced environment the school offers.”

Inspectors also praised the “rich sense of community and belonging in which nearly all pupils flourish in their academic, personal, social and emotional development”, and described the teachers as “particularly effective role models for pupils’ social and academic skills”. Leadership at all levels was commended for “contributing extremely well to the strong sense of community and commitment to share values and aims that pervade the school”.

Gareth Pearson, Headteacher at Christ College, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of the report. I would like to thank the Inspectors for their assessment, which reflects the dedication of all our staff. Our pupils’ aspirations, achievements and well-being are our everyday priorities, and this excellent report will help us continue to improve.

He added: “I believe it is our responsibility as a boarding school to offer an all-round character education, and therefore I was very proud to see that the report celebrated the calm, supportive and balanced environment the school offers.”

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