City of London School for Girls pupil is Pride of Britain

Sohana named Teenager of Courage at the Pride of Britain Awards

A 13 year-old City of London School for Girls pupil, Sohana Colins, has been named Teenager of Courage at the Pride of Britain Awards.

Sohana suffers from a rare genetic condition, where her skin is so fragile, the slightest knock or scrape can cause serious injury. Recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (EB) means that she is missing the protein responsible for holding her skin together. Sohana spends up to four hours each day being wrapped in bandages and most of her food must be in blended form. She is involved school life as much as possible and has made great friends during her time at City. 

The Sohana Research Fund was established in 2010, and has since raised £3.5 million for the charity. The funds have assisted in setting up a treatment trial for ten children. 

Katherine Brice, Deputy Head of Pastoral, says: “We are all enormously proud of Sohana. Her uncomplaining attitude and determination to play a full part in everything at school is an inspiration to us all. We have to keep reminding ourselves of the severity of her condition as Sohana herself has such a great approach to life.”

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