Dauntsey’€s dance show proves a hit

Pupils at Dauntseys School in Wiltshire got the opportunity to show off their moves as part of the school’s annual dance sho

A group of more than 240 pupils from Dauntsey’s School took part in the school’s annual dance show. The pupils demonstrated a range of dance styles, including cheerleading, contemporary, musical theatre, commercial and street dance.

Act one saw all first and second form pupils perform routines learnt in curriculum lessons. The theme was ‘as seen on screen’, with dances inspired by films such as ‘Grease’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Avatar’. The act concluded with the audience being invited to an award ceremony, the ‘D.A.F.T.As’.

Act two was performed by pupils who attend the dance clubs offered by the school outside lessons. The dancers ranged from the first form right through to the upper sixth. A number of creative dances were performed in a wide range of genres, including one by the elite jazz group Dauntless which was based on ‘The Hunger Games’.

Kirsty Glynn, Dauntsey’s head of dance, said: “The pupils worked very hard last term to prepare for the show and delivered a thrilling evening full of energy and excitement. It was very rewarding to see so many pupils from different year groups working together and having so much fun on stage.”

There are many dance opportunities at Dauntsey’s School and classes are open to all pupils, both boys and girls, experienced dancers and those who are new to the discipline. Street, modern dance, contemporary dance and cheerleading are all popular sessions and each year a dance show reflects the work done in these classes. Dance is also taught as part of the drama curriculum to all first and second form pupils. It is also one of the options in the lower-sixth general studies programme and is offered as a games option to senior pupils. 


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