DLD College London launches new scholarship scheme

The College says that students will learn how to lead in a global educational setting

DLD College London has launched a new scholarship scheme, offering up to 10 scholarships with up to 50% of annual college fees awarded to both internal and new entrants. These non-means tested scholarships will run for two years and are part of the new Alpha Scholars Programme.

The College will offer a unique programme of study that will develop the strengths of the most capable students who are eager to become change-makers and leaders. In addition to dedicated lessons, a tailored co-curricular provision will be delivered through academically focussed activities that foster independent and collaborative learning, soft skills and higher-order thinking.

The programme of study involves A Levels in Economics, Government and Politics, Mathematics, with A-Level Further Mathematics as an optional extra. In addition to this, scholars will complete supplementary courses that include the DLD Diploma and EPQ. Scholars will attend a dedicated enrichment programme that involves challenging and varied projects that develop the qualities of an effective leader. This will include seminars, charity projects, educational visits, entrepreneurial activities, lectures and rotating tutorials. 

This is an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic and proactive individuals to truly showcase their abilities – Rachel Borland, Principal at DLD College London

Principal at the College, Rachel Borland commented: “This is an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic and proactive individuals to truly showcase their abilities. The advent of globalisation has meant that organisations and societies are enveloped in exponential change that needs to be navigated by well-informed, bright minds. 

“This scholarship will ensure we nurture each student and create future leaders who want to make a difference.”

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