Don’t mention the war

Pupils prepare for evacuation as part of World War II workshop at Farlington School

Farlington’s Prep 6 became evacuees for the morning as they enjoyed a World War II workshop with the History Man. They prepared for evacuation, with their suitcases and teddies under their arms. They wore their labels with pride for the experience.

The History Man began by explaining how life was before the war. Children recognised the artefacts, from an old fashioned wireless to a Bakelite telephone. The bed sheet in the design of a map of Europe helped the girls to understand how the German army navigated the Maginot Line and pushed the French and English troops into the port of Dunkirk and down onto the beaches. The girls were able to try on the different uniforms and work the baby gas mask.

Pupils learned how to fire a machine gun, how hard it was to hit a target at night from 20,000 feet and even how to become a French spy. Cracking the British code was worthy of the Bletchley Park team, taking one minute and 29 seconds. They were also taught how the Germans located spies who were sending Morse code messages.

The girls’ knowledge will be furthered by a Bletchley Park Workshop on Thursday 18th June. It will be run by an Outreach Education Officer from Bletchley Park, who will bring one of their genuine, working Enigma machines and he will demonstrate this iconic piece of World War II history.

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