Dubai calling for St Albans

St Albans School has announced plans to open a new international school in Dubai in September 2016

St Albans School has announced plans to open a new international school in Dubai as part of a broad and progressive strategy to meet the needs of a new generation of pupils and parents and respond to opportunities in a global environment.

Stephen Eames, Chairman of the Governors, says that in a rapidly changing world, schools need continually to assess their long-term relevance: “The creation of an international school shows St Albans continuing to innovate by exporting what is distinctive about its teaching, culture and ethos to a market where those qualities are in high demand,” he said.

“It will create new revenue streams for the School to invest in further domestic projects as well as maintaining and enhancing existing standards. It will also provide opportunities for teaching staff to extend their teaching skills by bringing the best of international practice to St Albans. We also anticipate opportunities, including visits and exchanges, for pupils at this school to engage with pupils at the Dubai school.”

The new school, which is part of a wider international strategy, will be developed in partnership with Knowledge Field Educational Services (KFES) – a company set up specifically to develop education in the Middle East. KFES is the principal owner, funder and shareholder, and St Albans School International (SASI) provides the educational and operational management.

“We believe this is an exciting opportunity and that it is fitting that a school with as long and distinguished a history as St Albans should be in the vanguard of educational development in its third millennium,” Stephen concludes.

The school is scheduled to open in September 2016.

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