Farlington Sixth Form art trip to Brick Lane

Students found the London street art ‘thought-provoking and visually exciting, with powerful colour and striking imagery’

One of the highlights of Farlington 6th Form Art Trip to Brick Lane was ROA’s giant crane, set alongside Martin Ron’s royal guard doing a head stand.

“Another magnificent image was Jim Vision’s ‘Paradise Lost’,” reported the school. “It depicted a massive panoramic mural with a tribal warrior taking centre stage, his richly adorned form merging with the natural world he has lost. It offered a stark reminder of the plight mankind has reeked on the natural environment.”

The school added: “It was great for the students to appreciate the political and environmental narrative in some of these works, as well viewing paintings produced for the sheer pleasure of creating, in a setting for all to see. They walked for what seemed like miles and ended their day with hot rice and noodles, care of Wagamama in Old Spitalfields Market; the perfect end to a wonderful and stimulating day.”

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