A fresh start at Christ College, Brecon

New headteacher, Gareth Pearson, reveals his vision and why he is keen to develop the school’s holistic approach

There are many reasons why I was attracted to Christ College, but one of the main factors was its unique nurturing environment. Heads at many of the bigger schools are more chief executives than headteachers, and this wasn’t what I was looking for. 

I love the strength of community in this school, where everyone knows everyone. Positive relationships underpin everything at Christ College, and allow staff to bring out the very best from our pupils. 

The excellent pastoral care they show for the school and its pupils is truly palpable and authentic.

I want Christ College to be the very best in Britain at developing the kind of character traits in its people to enable them to perform at their best, but more importantly, be kind, decent and generous team players who will be forces for good in any community in which they live.

I believe a boarding school is best placed to offer this all-round character education, and one of our school’s greatest strengths is that most of our pupils achieve their full academic potential in an environment that is calm, supportive and balanced.  

These are ideal conditions for them to develop tolerance of others, sensitivity to other pupils and adults, high moral standards and a strong sense of citizenship – characteristics that will always be valued, whatever career they wish to pursue, and however much the world changes in the years ahead.

Gareth Pearson

The long-established quality of the teaching, combined with the modern facilities available throughout the campus, have led Christ College to consistently achieve the top ratings in the independent Advanced Level Information Survey (ALIS) conducted by Durham University every year.

Christ College also regularly consults parents to ensure their expectations are met. Over the years, the school developed its own parental satisfaction survey, incorporating best practice outlined by the Independent Schools Council. Last year, the survey revealed outstanding parental satisfaction, with a Parent Advocacy rating of 96%. This is well above important national benchmarks, indicating strong support and loyalty from the parents.

But quality always comes at a price, and with over a decade of experience in education, I am well-aware of this accessibility issue. 

Also, my biggest challenge at Christ College is to keep education as affordable as possible. 

We plan to launch a fundraising campaign in the years ahead to be able to offer places to pupils who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

I feel very honoured to have been chosen for this position, and incredibly lucky to get to work in such a beautiful area with such friendly and humble people. The town of Brecon is fabulous, it has the facilities of a city, but the warmth and familiarity of a small town nestled in some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain. 

People could not have been more supportive during my first few weeks at Christ College, and I look forward to seeing the first results of our collective work. 

Gareth, who graduated as a mechanical engineer before converting to education, brings to Christ College his teaching and leadership experience from former roles as a maths teacher, housemaster and deputy head at Millfield School, Wellington College and Lord Wandsworth College, in addition to expertise from his earlier career as a captain in the Royal Marines. 


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