Is personal success on your menu?

Tracy Shand, founder of Simply Boarding, invites you for a dinner like no other

Today, I am so pleased you have joined me for dinner at an amazing café. The menu here is amazing, so deliciously real and plenty of food for thought. Enough of my raving, let us take a seat. What is your choice?


Starter: Regular exercise, no email, time to be you 

Main: Feeling valued, moving forward, work-rest-play-laugh

Dessert: Journal, sleep like a baby


Starter: Breakfast on the run, ping-ping email

Main: No thank you’s, you-work-work-you, hurried 

Dessert: Stop, stress, stop, poor sleep

I wish day:

Starter: No wake up call

Main: All about you, time to plan, time to smile

Dessert: Breakthrough to the real you, sleep like a baby

Your key to success is in how you act and react with the ingredients that you are given

What a menu. Yes, you may not order it, but are you living it. Your key to success is in how you act and react with the ingredients that you are given. In terms of success, the raw ingredients don’t change much. It is the unique blend of those ingredients and the correct application of a process that can produce a positive experience.

What if you were to write a menu of your day? Would you be drinking cups of positivi-tea or ordering a Depresso due to the culture you step into at work? Today, I am drinking a cup of creative-tea with a slice of inspiration on the side. If you were to step outside of the education treadmill and order something to make you feel better, what would it be? How can you get there? Successful people take the raw ingredients of life and create them into a personal menu of success? Now, what is your order? Let’s start cooking.

To find out more about Simply Boarding, visit their website: 


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