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Sponsored: Rachel Lambert, managing director of Studyflex, explains why bespoke coaching and leadership development is crucial for great leaders in schools

Studyflex is an established management consultancy with a wealth of experience across the UK and Europe. Our strength is in our ability to respond dynamically to the ever-changing educational landscape.

We design and deliver tailor-made support to all areas of education and crucially to individuals in order to improve, develop and sustain great middle and senior leaders in both school phases.

What we do

Our work with clients evolves over time. Through executive coaching and group sessions, we explore how leadership behaviours influence those around us. Using a variety of topics and techniques, we develop individuals and teams to bring about long-term, sustainable change.

We know that developing a core of improved leadership performance creates a positive cascade in behaviours through teaching and support staff, extending across the whole school.

I am now a different leader to when I started my leadership journey. I have grown in confidence and the ‘imposter syndrome’ feeling that initially dominated my mindset has gradually disappeared – Headteacher

How we work

This is not a one-size-fits-all method and while there are commonalities across all school settings, we like to get to the heart of the issue, not through blunt questioning but through supported debate, guided workshops and a huge amount of reflection for individuals and teams to work through the issues themselves. Through shared responsibility often comes the greatest reward.

Rachel has built a longstanding relationship and commitment to our organisation and individuals in it through expert coaching, a no-nonsense approach and patience! Crucially, Rachel understands the current trends and challenges in senior school education, so her guidance is informed, realistic and relevant – Headteacher

Leadership teams have said that by holding themselves (and each other) to account in one of our supported sessions, the most significant long-term headway has been achieved. We provide a safe space for a no-holds-barred discussion to fast-track change for maximum effect.

Why it works

Above all, we are solution focused and look to provide a refreshing clarity of direction for leaders and their teams. Clear communication is key to identify the changes that are needed to help navigate and facilitate solutions.

Rachel’s versatility and skill has meant that, on every occasion, she has been responsive to the current themes and issues. Her careful coaching sessions are fresh, challenging and key to us, as leaders, identifying the next steps and having the clarity, as well as research base, about how to progress further – Headteacher

A mantra at Studyflex is, ‘There are no such things as difficult conversations, only powerful ones.’ With the right attitude towards successful leadership, the outcomes are impactive and effective. We develop professional learning communities rather than maintain a community of professionals.

Our pledge is to make leaders more efficient, more confident and more aware of the fact there is still so much more to do and learn. We aim to motivate people to be inspired and excited about their leadership journey.

As a result of our work with Studyflex, we continue to go from strength to strength with passion, courage and conviction – Headteacher

The benefits

● An understanding of the strategic role and how this benefits the school.
● Promotion of inclusion and collaboration within the leadership team.
● The ability to identify talent/succession planning and retain staff within the school.
● Caring for and looking after staff through a strong leadership team.
● Sustaining and improving the academic outcomes.
● Providing motivation to be the best as per the overall strategy of the school.

Personally, having someone who is focused on me as a leader and not what they need or want from me is the most valuable aspect for me. I would never had chosen to go down this route, but I am so pleased I did – Executive headteacher

E: rachel.lambert@studyflex.co.uk

T: 0207 1010 720

W: www.studyflex.com

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