Book corner: 100 Ideas for Early Years Practitioners

Marianne Sargeant’s guide to supporting EAL learners is an essential guide for every aspect of early years education

There are more than one million children in UK schools who speak English as an additional language (EAL), and the number is continually rising. Many early years practitioners are unsure about how to support these children best and need guidance to do this with confidence. 

100 Ideas for Early Years Practitioners offers advice on how to welcome and provide for children with EAL and how to support their families, taking into consideration their unique identities and culture and ensuring that these are preserved and appreciated in the setting. With links to all areas of the curriculum and specific focus on language acquisition, each idea is straightforward and adaptable in order to suit children’s individual needs. 

The book covers activities on a range of topics: 

  • New arrivals
  • Identity and culture
  • Working with parents
  • Creating a helpful environment
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Understanding
  • Reading and writing
  • Learning EAL outdoors
  • Observation, assessment and planning

The ideas include helpful teaching tips and advice to ‘take it further’

The author, Marianne Sargeant, has a PGCE in Primary Education and an MA in Early Years Education. She has lectured on BA and PGCE Education at university level and taught EAL learners in class. 

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