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Does your MIS support your school improvement plan?

RM Education asks, is it time you reviewed how you use your school data?

Posted by Stephanie Broad | September 05, 2015 | Technology

Your School Development Plan (SDP) lies at the heart of what you do, making a strong statement around the priorities for your school and how you are going to deliver them. But how do you determine where to focus your time and budget? Are you able to support your decisions with proof? And how can you demonstrate the impact that those interventions have made?

This is where your MIS could play a key role. The right MIS solution can provide valuable insight into the main challenges for your school by bringing together all of the contextual information around a child’s performance (including assessment, attendance and behaviour), enabling you to easily analyse that data to identify underperforming groups and any trends highlighting barriers to achievement. From these you can prioritise which areas will benefit from short term interventions versus longer term improvement strategies which will form the foundations of your SDP. 

Plus with real time, intelligent metrics at your fingertips your school can become more agile, responding to the changing needs of your pupils quicker and providing you with the ability to demonstrate evidence of your success and share best practise across the school and beyond.  

So is it time that you reviewed how you use your data? To help you, we have produced a FREE guide “9 Questions Every School should ask of their MIS” that will make you rethink the way that you can use your data to deliver real benefits across the whole school.

Download it now at  or call our MIS experts free on 0808 172 9531 for more advice.    

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