Making every mouthful count!

Amanda Ursell, CH&CO Independent’s consultant nutritionist, gives an insight into the education caterer’s focus and importance on ‘making every mouthful count’ and what this really means for physical and emotional wellbeing

Although we must eat to provide our bodies with energy to keep us going each day, the foods and drinks we consume also need to give us a plethora of vital nutrients, from protein and omega 3 fats to vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Despite these specific energy and nutritional needs, our food choices often rely more on how our food or drink looks and its flavours and textures, rather than what it’s going to do for us on the inside.

And, of course, our choices are affected too by culture, cost and our cooking capabilities. We also make our choices by convenience, availability and habit, as well as packaging, advertising and marketing.

As we all know, eating involves a whole lot more than simply ‘refuelling’.

CH&CO Independent has brought all of this together in its ‘Making Every Mouthful Count’ messaging and is making sure that every mouthful pupils eat gives them something positive but without making a song and dance about it. Here’s how.

CH&CO Independent is…

Making every mouthful count… nutritionally

Children, like adults, need energy (measured in kilocalories or kilojoules) in foods and drinks, which also deliver the host of nutrients their bodies require to develop and grow.

For instance, calcium to support developing bones, protein for growth and repair of muscles, and essential fats for a healthy brain.

All of which is needed at the right times of the day to help with their energy and help them focus and concentrate. CH&CO Independent strives to make every mouthful eaten as nutritious and well-timed as possible.

Making every mouthful count… for the planet

Children and teenagers are increasingly engaged in their understanding of sustainability. They care about the environment and this includes knowing where their food and drink comes from. What’s its carbon footprint? Its airmiles? Its provenance? They care about animal welfare and waste.

CH&CO Independent understands this too and takes sustainability seriously, including where ingredients are sourced, how food is prepared and how to minimise waste.

Making every mouthful count… for enjoyment

As education caterers, CH&CO Independent understands that children and teenagers, like adults, base their food and drink choices on how good it looks, smells and tastes – as well as how familiar it feels and how it’s going to make them feel when they eat it.

For this reason, our development chefs focus on putting flavour and appeal at the forefront of their recipe development. The chefs understand that however nutritious a dish is, if it’s not eaten, the protein and good fats, the vitamins and minerals, the fibre and slow-release carbohydrates it contains remain on the plate and not in the pupils’ stomachs.

When creating their recipes – main courses, puddings, drinks and snacks – taste will always take a front seat.

By making every mouthful count, children and teenagers who eat with CH&CO Independent can be sure that they’re doing something positive for their physical health, for the health of the planet and for their overall emotional and mental wellbeing too.

We’re thrilled that there is now a national focus on the holistic benefits of good nutrition, which is a strong step forward in changing eating habits early on.

Are you making every mouthful count?


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