6 reasons to consider an international education for your child

Nadim Nsouli, founder of Inspired Education, discusses the benefits of an international education

Finding the right school for your child is an important decision that should be made with careful consideration. Where children go to school when they are younger truly shapes them and can influence the rest of their lives. There are many reasons why parents choose to send their children to international schools. International schools tend to offer a wide range of co-curricular experiences and opportunities which can help to broaden students’ development and give them a great advantage for the future. Here are 6 benefits an international education can offer:

  1. A Global Outlook

As globalisation continues to increase, it is important that children have a global mindset and understand the wider world. Your child will have the opportunity to connect with other children from different places and communities and be taught by culturally aware teachers from all over the world.

If you study an international curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate, it’s focused on building core skills and knowledge that all students need to learn and develop, but with global perspectives, global cultures, and global languages, setting them up for a whole host of work opportunities in later life.

  1. Co-Curricular Experiences

Along with the knowledge of the subjects studied, international schools develop a student’s cognitive and communication skills along with the development of their intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills.

International schools also provide their students with a range of activities and classes in different disciplines such as foreign languages, advanced maths, sports, art, and more. Often international schools are able to provide in-house facilities with trained professionals and these extra classes will help your child become a well-rounded individual.

  1. A Recognised Curriculum

The qualifications received at international schools are widely recognised by universities and companies across the world. This means an international education is a great way to set your child up for success later in life with an internationally recognised education.

Having an internationally recognised education also means that students can seamlessly move to different schools in different places if need be. As most international schools follow the same education systems, it is easy to switch to a new school without the need for any additional exams or tests.

  1. Increased Work Opportunities

Having native-level language ability is one of the most sought-after and essential skills on the job market today. Many international education qualifications also come with an appealing endorsement from universities of international prestige.

Companies are placing an increasing emphasis on the importance of a broad educational portfolio and co-curricular skills. This represents a great advantage for students who have an international education and allows them to stand out from competing candidates when looking at going to university.

  1. Uplifting Student Community

Enrolling your child in an international school will mean that they will be surrounded by peers who are in a similar situation as themselves. This means they will have the support and understanding of people who face similar challenges and share similar experiences.

I think what is most beneficial is that students are able to learn from one another. Cultures, festivals, and religions are brought to life, and second (or more!) languages can be practised amongst native speakers. Attending an international school can also teach your child to have a respect for diversity and difference, which is hugely important in today’s society.

  1. Learn Languages

Studies show that in order to truly master a language, a child must learn it in a social context where they are exposed to stimuli and events that are vital to reaching a high level of proficiency. An international school allows its students to fully immerse themselves in a language at school, and then be able to naturally switch between that language and the language that is spoken at home.

The international educational model has many benefits and significant reasons to consider it for your child. It prepares students with strategic learning methods that encourage creativity, innovation, initiative, leadership, and critical thinking.

Nadim Nsouli is the founder of Inspired Education

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