Relationships and health education for schools

Jigsaw allows your school to offer young people and children a grounding in mental health and character building

The Secretary of State said: “In this environment, children and young people need to know how to be safe and healthy, and how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way. This is why we have made Relationships Education compulsory in all primary schools in England and Relationships and Sex Education compulsory in all secondary schools.”

The Department for Education (DfE) guidance states: “All schools will be required to teach these subjects and have regard to the statutory guidance from September 2020 (Health Education will be compulsory for all state-funded schools only, as independent schools are already required to teach Health Education under their requirement to teach Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education).”

So, the time is now.

With Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, your school will be completely compliant and be offering children and young people an excellent grounding in personal and SMSC development, mental health and character building to enhance their learning and equip them for life. 

Are you confident, not just that your school is compliant with the statutory expectations, but that you have a Scheme of Learning for PSHE that meets your pupils’ needs, and supports teachers to deliver it with enjoyment and confidence, even the ‘difficult’ issues? Do colleagues have time to plan or would it help to have a comprehensive flexible programme designed by teachers and already being chosen by thousands of schools?  

Jigsaw covers all the statutory requirements and more. It is a whole-school approach, the six progressive units of work (six lessons in each with all the teaching resources needed) building from nursery to year 11. All pupils study the same unit at the same time at their own level, providing further opportunities to enhance learning.

The six units (puzzles)

1. Being Me in My World

2. Celebrating Difference

3. Dreams and Goals

4. Healthy Me

5. Relationships

6. Changing Me

Every lesson has two learning intentions, one focusing on PSHE subject knowledge and skills, the other focusing on related social skills and emotional literacy development. Combining these means pupils develop emotionally in parallel with their growing knowledge.

We value every child and young person and as such, stand by our inclusive approach, supporting pupils to play their part in creating accepting, respectful, caring communities in which they have agency

We believe children and young people need to have the strength of character, the inner-resilience, the positive self-identity and self-esteem that will motivate their decisions in tandem with accurate age-appropriate information, so we integrate both into Jigsaw.

We sensitively address potentially more challenging issues like loss, bereavement, family change, power and conflict in relationships, online risks, loneliness, mental health problems, gender and sexuality, family composition, diversity and discrimination (age-appropriately), being realistic but also positive.

We value every child and young person and as such, stand by our inclusive approach, supporting pupils to play their part in creating accepting, respectful, caring communities in which they have agency, and in which rights and responsibilities are understood and kindness is the norm.

Buying into the Jigsaw community gives you a PSHE teaching programme that will always be up to date, compliant and relevant, with updates and an ongoing free support package. No annual subscriptions!

Jigsaw is underpinned by mindfulness philosophy and practice. Pupils report how this enables them to better manage their emotions and thought processes and to pause before responding to others and situations. They recognise the benefits of this for their relationships and learning, as do teachers.


“Now I understand how ‘calm’ feels,” – year 2 pupil.

“Jigsaw has reminded me why I came into teaching. It brings those magical moments when my class connects and we all learn together,” – year 4 teacher.

“Thank you. Now we have Jigsaw we can focus on teaching instead of worrying about where to get resources from,” – year 9 PSHE leader.

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