Manage your financial crime risk

SPONSORED: Smart Screen Intelligence offers independent schools training and guidance to help you manage your financial crime risk

Smart Screen Intelligence (SSI) combine decades of experience and qualifications in financial crime risk management with insight and understanding of the needs of the private school sector. Their consultants and advisors have worked with the largest financial institutions in the world as well as within the independent education consultancy sectors.


Negative news and global watch list screening. What are false positives and true matches? What do we do with screening results? What do we need for accurate results? We help you answer these questions and appropriately process outcomes.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS)

Regulations require firms to identify individuals that have been exposed to political positions due to the risk of abuse of power for financial gain.

Risk assessment and KYP

How to assess and identify higher-risk jurisdictions. KYP: knowing your parents – background and industry. Do the sources of wealth make sense, what are the red flags?

Escalating and reporting

Expert guidance and advice for education establishments on avoiding ‘tipping- off’ offences, Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and AML regulations, SAR reporting, and appropriate steps before implementing your escalation procedures.


You’ll be given policy and procedure document templates you can integrate into existing school structures. These include processes such as identifying nominated persons, escalations, expectations and responsibilities.


We’re here to help, if you get stuck just ask. As part of your package we offer expert guidance and advice to help you make the most practical decisions.

Convenient training

We provide you with access to screening software complete with training sessions, and a live online training environment to learn at your own speed. SSI ensure every step of the way we have you covered. We work closely with bursars, admissions and your staff to ensure the best learning environment for your team.


As the global landscape continues to change, criminals and their entities find ever increasing ways of transferring and hiding sources of ill-gotten wealth. Domestic and global regulation continues to change absorbing a growing breadth of sectors. SSI offers schools screening software, materials and guidance to manage this risk and protection from legislative and reputational damage.

Highly qualified advisors

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That’s why our advisors have achieved an advanced degree or diploma in financial crime or money laundering. 

We are passionate about helping innocent, well-meaning institutions to avoid falling prey to proceeds of crime, and years of experience can help you to prevent this. We also understand the sensitivities associated with parents and education and can coach you on the best approach to successfully resolve an identified financial crime risk.

Materials and support

We provide governance materials, checklists, policy templates and more so you know what to do and where to go to give you the scope and flexibility to embed and integrate into your school’s strategy and vision.

We are specialists within our field. We understand the unique needs of independent schools and the future landscape of financial crime risk giving your school confidence and support to manage these risks. 

Contact Smart Screen Intelligence today to find out how they can tailor your support.


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