HMC teacher training initiative

The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) launches a new teacher recruitment and training programme

The HMC, the association representing the UK’s leading independent schools, is launching a new secondary school teacher recruitment and training programme – HMC Teacher Training – to encourage new teachers into the profession and enable them to train in a salaried post while working at an HMC school. 

Over a two-year programme, trainee teachers will gain a PGCE with Qualified Teacher Status, preparing them for a career in teaching in either independent or maintained schools in the UK.

All 260 HMC schools across the UK, as well as HMC international schools, can participate in the scheme. It is anticipated that in the first year around 100 trainee places will be available. 

Recruitment will start in November 2014, with candidates attending training sessions in August 2015 before taking up teaching posts at HMC schools in September 2015. Employer schools will set out the criteria and a job specification for each role advertised by HMC Teacher Training. 

Richard Harman, Headmaster of Uppingham School and Chairman of HMC, said: “The identification, training, recruitment and retention of good teachers are vital to any school’s success.  And good teachers are remembered by their pupils for the rest of their lives. Teaching can be a tough job but it can be wonderfully fulfilling. Yet, there is a woeful national shortage of teachers. By introducing this scheme, HMC gives would-be teachers a flexible route into initial training and a strong foundation for a career in teaching and possibly school leadership. I look forward to welcoming one of the first recruits to Uppingham next year.” 

Chris King, Headmaster of Leicester Grammar School and Chairman Elect of HMC (2015-16), who has been responsible for the development of HMC Teacher Training, said: “Shrinking numbers of PGCE places in universities means a risk of reduction in high-quality teacher trainees entering the profession. HMC is committed to ongoing professional development and this new scheme, established in response to demand, offers our schools the chance to help those new to the teaching profession. It will be available to those trainees who demonstrate a strong motivation for teaching and who have an excellent academic background.” 

HMC Teacher Training will enable trainees to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) while teaching their specialist subject at an HMC school. The training will include a PGCE leading to QTS in Year 1, and statutory induction via the Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel (IStip) in Year 2. The PGCE will be delivered by the University of Buckingham for the majority of trainees. The contract will initially be for two years, though it is anticipated that many trainees will be employed by their school after this period. 

The two-year full-time programme will provide a blend of professional development. This will include: ‘on the job’ training across a wide range of subject specialisms, with support from a trained in-school mentor; tutor support from the PGCE provider; HMC-led residential training events;  peer networking opportunities and placements and visits to other participating schools.

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